Below you will find our policies regarding adoption. If you have any questions, please Contact Us before placing a deposit.

Puppy Adoption Agreement

Health Guarantee: The breeder guarantees that upon purchase, the puppy is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to its accompanying health record. You are encouraged to take your puppy to a veterinarian (at your cost) within 72 hours. If for some reason your puppy is found to have a major health problem diagnosed in writing by a licensed veterinarian (DVM), we do have a 72-hour replacement policy. However, any minor conditions that are easily resolved are not covered by our replacement policy.

5 Year Genetic Health Warranty: We make every effort to ensure you purchase a genetically healthy puppy. If your puppy is found to have a genetic disorder that AKC recommends testing for (such as hip/elbow dysplasia, Ich1, Ich2, CMS, DM, NCL, PRA1, PRA2, PRCD, and SAN, GRPU, and DCM) as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within 5 years from purchase, we will exchange your puppy for one of equal value. However, there are no warranties against common illnesses or accidents after the puppy is in your possession. All health care and immunizations are the buyer’s responsibility as described below.

Hip and elbow Dysplasia Guarantee: Hip and elbow dysplasia guarantee is only guaranteed if feeding a 4-5 star dog food and the dog has not been/is not overweight. Statistics are showing now that 90% of Hip Dysplasia is diet.

DCM Guarantee: DCM guarantee is voided if dog is fed grain free food. See U. C. Davis Study on DCM. https://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/news/uc-davis-investigates-link-between-dog-diets-and-deadly-heart-disease

__     4 week training period is available for an additional $1000

Training is for puppies 8 to 12 weeks old. Training will include teaching your puppy to recognize its name, sit, down, walk on a leash, additional socialization and enrichment, introduced to fetching a ball, and working on potty training. Since  space is very limited, I can only accept 2 puppies at a time which allows  more one on one attention. I believe in positive reinforcement training that is individually developed for each puppy. And of course, that includes lots of love and praise.

The Buyer’s Responsibility: The buyer agrees to take good care of this dog. Including: feeding and housing it properly, maintaining its shots, de-worming, and ensuring proper physical, emotional, and welfare care. The buyer agrees to wait to spay/neuter dog until between 18 months and 2 years of age unless puppy is purchased with full registration. The buyer also assumes all responsibility for any accidents or injuries caused by misbehavior of the dog after it is in the owner’s possession. The death, injury, or loss of said dog, due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat-stroke, or accident will not entitle the buyer to any compensation from the breeder. The dog is warrantied only for the purpose of being a companion animal, not for any other purpose or reasons. If at any time the buyer makes the decision not to keep the dog, the buyer agrees to surrender the dog to Unique Treasured Puppies.

Shipping Policy: We are very protective of our babies. Currently we do not offer shipping of our puppies by themselves. Because of various weather issues throughout the year we have found it safer for puppies that need to fly, to do so as a person’s carry on. You would need to purchase a ticket for yourself and then add on the puppy ticket which most airline charge around $125. This will work as long as the puppy is picked up right at 8 weeks as after that it’s too large to fit under the seat in front of you. There are also individuals who’s job is to pick up your puppy and will fly or drive your puppy to you.

We do however offer delivery of your puppy within a 150 mile radius of our home for an additional fee. We can also recommend puppy transporters we have previously worked with.

Remember to Contact Us with any questions you have.

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